Flying Heroes Batman £9.99 @ Amazon

Flying Heroes Batman £9.99 @ Amazon

This is exactly the type of toy I will buy to put by for my sons' birthdays or for any birthday parties they get invited to. It has mass appeal, is fun and is affordable. I don't tend to spend as much as £15 on party presents but now the Flying Heroes Batman is only £9.99 on Amazon.

The Flying Heroes Batman isn't a new idea. In fact I had similar toys when I was little, but it is really cool. It's one of those, pull the handle/string and off flies the propeller or Batman in this case.
This is great for outdoors, but not on a windy day, or in the house although it can chip paint and woodwork. I know this as we have something similar.
It's one of those toys, that's simple but the kids will have a laugh with it and will pick it up more than those big expensive toys.
You can have the Flying Heroes Batman delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. Otherwise delivery will cost you £3.99.

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