Flutterbye Flying Unicorn £14.99 @ The Entertainer

Flutterbye Flying Unicorn £14.99 @ The Entertainer

Here's a Christmas Present idea for all you Unicorn lovers... the Flutterbye Flying Unicorn. It's cool and is reduced at The Entertainer from £34.99 to just £14.99. That's a big £20 saving!

The Flutterbye Flying Unicorn actually flies! Just put the Flutterbye Unicorn on it's base, press the button and up it goes.

It can be manoeuvred by hand gestures when it's in the air. Raise your hand and the unicorn will rise. Lower it and the unicorn will copy.

The sparkling wings and golden Unicorn horn light up.

All-in-all, for under £15, this seems like a great buy.

You can Click and Collect the Flutterbye Flying Unicorn for FREE from a The Entertainer store near you or pay £2.99 to have it delivered to your front door.


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  • Kelly-Marie S.

    Omg !! Think a certain little lady needs this!

    • Laura B.

      Looks good xx

      • Yvonne S.


        • Jolene C.

          I got these for £4.50 in Tesco in January and one of them was for my daughter. It doesn't fly easily and hurts when it bumps in to you. Bit dangerous really. I wasn't that impressed x

          • Toni C.

            I want one for me ...sod the kids!

            • Vicky '.

              Got it x

              • Jade D.

                Aww love this xxxxxxxx

                • Steph G.

                  Saw this or something similar in entertainer last week . girls will love it

                  • Nicola J.

                    These are awful you can't control them and they really hurt if they hit you. Ours broke as well after using it twice, don't waste your money!!