FLISAT Dolls House / Wall Shelf £23 @ Ikea

FLISAT Dolls House / Wall Shelf £23 @ Ikea

I love this clever Dolls House from Ikea, as it can double up as a Wall Shelf as well! It's a wonderful dual purpose bit of furniture, and a bargain at just £23.

This is a wooden dolls house with four rooms and a chimney for children to play houses with, and then when they grow older you can attach it to the wall as a shelf to display and store their favourite things.

This is a fraction of the cost of similar dolls house shelves I have seen at other retailers, and I think children and adults will both love the clever design.

If you need to buy some dolls house furniture to go with it you can buy Dolls House Bedroom Furniture* and Dolls House Living Room Furniture*sets for just £12 each, and they are miniature versions of best selling Ikea furniture for dolls!

I think this set is wonderful, and if my boys showed any interest at all in playing house I would be getting one right away. I think it would look wonderful on a nursery wall painted in pastel colours, but with my two that's not going to happen!

You can order online but Ikea charge an awful lot for home delivery as the service is set uo for bully furniture deliveries rather than small items, so if you can pop to a store to get one it's much more purse friendly.

You can check online if your store has stock here* to save you making a wasted journey.


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  • Toni H.

    this is a must for daisys big girl room. just need it painting pink haha

    • Tasha D.

      I never thought Of this, great idea!