Where To Buy Fishing For Floaters Game UK

Hook a poop in the bath!
Where To Buy Fishing For Floaters Game UK

Have you heard of the Fishing For Floaters Game? This game sold out everywhere when it was first released and it seems to fly out as soon as any stock arrives. However we have managed to track down all the stores that have stock so that you don't have to.

You can find where to buy the Fishing For Floaters Game easily with our handy guide.

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It's definitely a bit of a gross game, so I bet the kids will love it! Basically you have to fish out the floating plastic poops from the bath using the fishing rod or the net. Not something I fancy playing myself, but I bet my two boys would go crazy for it!

You get a fishing rod, one net and six 'floaters' in the game, so that should keep the kids happy in the bath for a bit!

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Reply to
  • Emma M.

    this is what I got Noah lol

    • Emma C.

      Abbie and Aimee say they want this game for nanas:joy::joy::joy:

      • Siobhan H.

        moo would love this :joy: x

        • Jade B.

          this just made me lol with the girls

          • Beck B.

            going order this Harry will find it so funny :joy::joy:

            • Jane C.

              omg we need this for poppy x

              • Lauren C.

                Shall I get it x

                • Jane C.

                  Yess x

                  • Lauren C.

                    Will sort when I'm home x

                    • Jane C.

                      Ok xxx

                    • Keylie B.

                      Hahaha awhh he definitely be mad eup with that cx

                      • Beck B.

                        Shall I order r Alfie one xx

                        • Keylie B.

                          Yeah he'll be chuffed with that the pair of dirty sods they are haha cc

                          • Beck B.

                            Hahaha ok il order them both one xx

                          • Ailsa K.

                            Ahhh practicing for bathing toddlers and fishing turds out :joy:

                            • Francien H.

                              OMG don't start this. My kids already have Piggin Boogers and Toilet Trouble. Any yucky game they love! :joy:

                              • Tracey M.

                                Bought this last christmas and it was pretty poorly made. Lasted my two a few nights before the rod broke.

                                • Marie G.

                                  I'm gonna get him it lol x

                                  • Ian S.

                                    Do we really need or have to have games of this nature??? Dog that wees in your face?

                                    • RN1

                                      They have these in BM bargains for £4.99

                                      • Sharon H.

                                        Isla would love this haha

                                        • Lacey M.

                                          klay would love this :joy:

                                          • Jill I.

                                            I think I know someone who would like this :mask::see_no_evil:

                                            • Donna J.

                                              Fyfe would love this

                                              • Lisa Y.

                                                Mason, Cole & Tyler would love it :joy::joy: xxx

                                                • Emma Y.

                                                  Definitely going to have to get it :joy:xxx

                                                  • Lisa Y.

                                                    Def on Christmas list :joy::joy: