Fishing For Floaters Game £7.99 @ Prezzybox

Fishing For Floaters Game £7.99 @ Prezzybox

Have you see the Fishing For Floaters Game? When this was released it sold out everywhere immediately, and started selling for way above it's retail price as people struggled to get hold of one. Luckily it's now back, and at the bargain price of £7.99 at Prezzybox.

This game is certainly a little bit gross, as you have to fish out the floating plastic poops from the bath using the fishing rod or the net. I'll admit it's not one I want to play one bit, but I can see that my two boys would go loopy laughing at it!

You get a fishing rod, one net and four 'floaters' in the game, so that's plenty to amuse the kids in the bath or the paddling pool, though don't be surprised if they start to prank you by leaving the poops in unusual places!

Standard delivery costs £3.95 on all orders.


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  • Alan M.

    They would love that :joy:

    • Vicci J.

      Jst thought... That would be funny in the hot tub :grin:

      • Mary O.

        Hahaha we've played that for real!!!