Fisher-Price World Of Little People Car Wash Pack Playset £15 @

Fisher-Price World Of Little People Car Wash Pack Playset £15 @

There’s a Fisher-Price World of Little People Car Wash Pack available at Tesco for £15. It’s not actually listed as ‘on offer’, but it’s selling at £34.99 on Amazon, so seems a pretty good price!

I went to an event once where they had a display of all the ‘Little People’ characters throughout the years, with every profession known to man (I’m sure) represented, and major events like the Royal Wedding too. It was a pretty impressive collection – I’m sure it would set parents back a pretty penny.

If you want to start your collection, this is a good set to start with – two of the reviewers actually complain that there are too many pieces!!

In the set you’ll find a Lift ‘n’ Load truck, a dump truck, bulldozer and fork lift, each with moving parts. There’s also a car wash, where you can move the car wash through the washing arch way to give them a good ‘cleaning’. Finally, there’s also a petrol pump.

Great for imaginative play, and suited for children from 1 year of age, it’s a great collection to start on, or bulk up what you already have!


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