Fisher-Price Stack And Nest Pots And Pans £5 @ Tesco

22 February 2012

Tesco Direct are selling these Fisher-Price Stack and Nest Pots and Pans for £5, rather than their full price of £9.97.

If you've been reading my PlayPennies posts for a while you'll know I'm not a huge fan of plastic toys, but for most Fisher-Price ones I can usually make an exception because they're rather good.

I think these Fisher-Price Stack and Nest Pots and Pans are super cute and if I know babies, which I do, then they're going to have super fun playing with them.

The the largest pot has colourful carrots and rattling peas inside that will make noise when your little one shakes it. They will be able to see their own reflection in the frying pan and the little pot has a roller ball in the bottom which has a jingle bell inside (don't panic at the utterance of 'jingle bell', I haven't started on posts for Christmas just yet, maybe in March *grin*)

The Fisher-Price Stack and Nest Pots and Pans can, you won't be surprised to hear, be stacked one on top of the other or nested together so there's lots to do and explore with them that will bring on and develop your baby's fine motor skills, along with teaching cause and effect; marvellous, good ol' Fisher-Price.

You can collect your Fisher-Price Stack and Nest Pots and Pans in-store for free, or pay £5 delivery - if delivery really is your only option then save yourself a couple of pounds, go and buy them from Amazon for £7.99 and choose the free SuperSaver delivery option instead.

Thanks to chun_li at HUKD

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