Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Sorter £9.97 @ Tesco Direct

sorter2 I absolutely adore toys like this - even as a grown up I find sorting things almost irresitible!

How cute is this little guy?! He's bright, happy and friendly-looking and will appeal to kids over quiet a broad age range (even big kids like me!).

You know you can trust Fisher-Price toys for quality in both the construction of their toys and also their entertainment and educational value  and so even higher prices are worth paying - not this time though as you can pick up this cheeky shape sorter for £9.97 with Tesco Direct (he was £14.97).

This adorable shape sorter has a whole host of features to keep your little one amused, is suitable for those aged 6 months onwards and will introduce them to the world of shapes, colours and numbers.

sorter1There are five soft brightly-coloured shapes that trigger fun sounds, phrases, sing along songs and lights when your child matches the right shape to its corresponding opening.

There is also a volume control setting to enable 'quiet' play - I really do appreciate it when toy manufacturers add this feature to their 'requires batteries' products, talking of which this one needs 3AAs which are included - ohhh Fisher-Price you really do spoil us sometimes!

Thanks to Wass over at HUKD!

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  • Alex
    This is pretty flawed as a shape sorter- both our kids have simply taken the lid off and dropped the shapes in the top. As have all their little friends.
  • Sarah K.
    Kids! They're cunning and clever little devils aren't they - show me a child who doesn't do this with ANY shape sorter! It's thinking outside the box at its best. If you couldn't take the lid off you wouldn't be able to easily get the shapes out again and that would be REALLY frustrating.
  • Alex
    Our youngest doesn't really use it as a shape sorter mind, she uses it as a storage box :) There's a nice elephant one out there that drops the shapes out of its trunk once you've put them in. Bit more fiddly but works better as a shape sorter.
  • Sarah K.
    "Our youngest doesn’t really use it as a shape sorter mind, she uses it as a storage box" Ohhh that's CUTE!

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