Fisher-Price Imaginext Alien Tentaclor £11.99 @ Tesco Direct

Fisher-Price Imaginext Alien Tentaclor £11.99 @ Tesco Direct

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This Fisher Price Imaginext toy is a great price at Tesco Direct as the partner seller Fun Collectibles have it for sale at just £11.99. That price is less than half the price that most other stores are selling it for, and if you buy it from Tesco themselves it will set you back £25, and The Entertainer are charging more than £30.

You are getting a lot of toy for your money with this alien, and it's not exactly small either. This is what the Tesco website says about it:

Tentaclor is the ultimate alien invader. He whips figures back and forth when you squeeze the handle on his back, and hits them with his fly swatter. His giant eyeball follows all of the action, and you can even open Tentaclor’s mouth by pushing down on his giant brain.

Place figures in Tentaclor's tentacles and he’ll grip them firmly, or place them in his mouth to hear cool “chomping" sound-effects. Tentaclor even responds with cool sound-effects and phrases when other Imaginext spaceships (sold separately) fire at him!

I got one of these in the January sales to put away for my son's birthday, and it looks like a big and impressive toy that will keep children happy for ages (or that's what I'm hoping!) It looks like loads of fun with just a tough of grossness that lots of little kids love. The reviews are great as well, although one does warn that "he eats car keys so beware!".

Click and collect is free, or home delivery is £3.

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