Fisher Price Toy Story 3 Chatter Phone £9.99 @ Amazon

13 July 2011

fisherPriceTalkingChatterPhone Amazon are selling this Fisher Price Toy Story 3 Chatter Phone for just £9.99, instead of £22.99.

Wow seeing this Fisher Price Chatter Phone took me back a fair few years!

I remember there being one in the playhouse that we had in my infant school classroom (and that really IS going back a bit); everyone loved being the member of the 'household' in charge of answering the phone.

This Chatter Phone can "ring" & say "psst" to attract the caller to answer the phone, and your child can use the spinning rotary dial to call their favorite Toy Story 3 character - there are 4 to choose from. Or they can call Woody or Buzz for a chat.

If they dial Chatter Telephone they'll hear about how to "get by the monkey" & out of the day care - this all means nothing to me as I've not seen Toy Story 3, but I'm assuming it all makes perfect sense if you have.

When your child pushes Talking Chatter Telephone along, he makes squeaking sounds and his eyes move up and down - now that's more like it, I remember that bit from the Chatter Phone of my youth.

This isn't an Amazon Deal of the Week, so this Fisher Price Toy Story 3 Chatter Phone's price may go up at any given moment (just like the cost of most phones these days then!), depending on Amazon's whim.

Thanks to mucklebones at HUKD

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