Fisher Price Stand N Play Rampway £28.64 @ Tesco

Fisher Price Stand N Play Rampway £28.64 @ Tesco

fisherPriceStandNPlayRampwayTesco win the prize for selling this Fisher Price Stand n Play Rampway for the lowest price.

They're selling it for £28.64; Amazon have it priced at £33.64 and Play at £49.99 - it's off to Tesco then!

I used to love playing with things like this as a child; my cousin had something very similar and long after the boys were bored playing with it, I was still there.

The Fisher Price Stand n Play Rampway is appropriately named; standing two feet tall, youngsters ARE going to have to stand to reach the top floors!

It's balanced by two rolling ramps with places to play on both sides and plenty of twists, turns and tunnels all the way down.

Vehicles can stop at the repair shop for a tune-up, they can be loaded onto the ramps and raised up, and down, to the sound of mechanical cranking sound effects.

There are flipper signs that spin round and parking meters to park at.

The bottom level has a parking garage with vehicle-activated lift and lower stop sign.  There's a petrol pump with rotating hose that activates  more sound effects.

There are lots of other flashing light and sound effects to enjoy with this Fisher Price Stand n Play Rampway - the kids are going to love it!

It's suitable for youngsters aged 18 months or older and can be collected for free in-store, or delivered to your door for £5.

Thanks to beet0611 at HUKD


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