Fisher Price Bounce And Spin Zebra Review

29 December 2011

The Fisher Price Bounce And Spin Zebra has been around for a while now, and every now and again it comes up at a really good price.

To start with, it’s a pretty ‘fun’ little contraption, and my toddler bounces it like crazy. It has some safety features, like the fact that it doesn’t swing till your tot is balanced on the seat. It also has a pretty wide base to keep it steady. Despite the base, it doesn’t take up masses of room. It’s about a door-width in diameter, but seems smaller as it’s quite a low toy. This makes it easy for little ones to get on and off unassisted too.

Entertainment wise, it’s a bit hit and miss, depending on who you ask. For pure bounce factor, it’s a star. My daughter’s face lights up every time she rocks that pony into oblivion – or at least it sounds like that’s what she’s doing.

It has five ‘energetic’ songs which it plays. It’s nice that it has five songs, but it’s still only five songs and they can get pretty tiresome – which is where the volume control comes in handy. As an added bonus it’s a ‘child-proof’ switch, so she can’t adjust the volume herself.

The Bounce and Spin Zebra has orange lights that flash, and the whole bounce apparatus is pretty noisy, which makes her love it more.

The only negative for me is the age range that it’s claimed for. They say that it’s suitable from 12 to 36 months, and while my daughter is quite tall, she’s been what I would class ‘too tall’ for the toy since about 20 months already. While she still enjoys it and has a bounce on it for a minute before heading off to something else – in it’s favour, this happens a number of times a day – I do think she’s actually too big for it now at just over 24 months, so I don’t think the Bounce and Spin Zebra has the longevity they suggest. It sure seems fun while it lasts though.



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