Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue £14.99 @ ToysRUs

10 October 2012

Toys R Us are selling this Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue for £14.99, rather than £19.99.

Fireman Sam just reminds me of my friend Helen from senior school; we used to go home to hers, make toast and watch Fireman Sam - he held iconic status among us 15 and 16-year-olds at the time.  Goodness knows why, I can't remember now, but I can still sing every word of the theme tune to this very day!

Don't worry, I'll spare you the aural abuse and just tell you about this Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue instead...

Jupiter, in case you're not familiar with all things 'hero next door', is Fireman Sam's fire engine; this particular Jupiter has alphabet buttons on one side and five modes of game play to enjoy, with Fireman Sam's voice helping and guiding your child through each one.

When an alphabet question is answered correctly, Jupiter flashes 'his' lights and sounds the siren; you can't beat an audio visual reward, especially when it comes from Jupiter!

You will need to buy two AA batteries for this to happen, if you don't happen to have any hanging around wherever you keep batteries in your house (fourth draw down in the kitchen in my house - the art is in guessing which ones have full charge and which are the partly used/mostly used ones my husband has thrown back in for future battery lottery fun!)

Unless you really, really can't swing by your local Toys R Us to collect your Fireman Sam Alphabet Rescue for free, then don't choose the home delivery option - it'll set you back an additional £4.95; come on Toys R Us!  Every one else has dropped their OTT almost £5 for delivery - even Tesco and Argos! - isn't it time you followed suit?!

Happy alphabet learning with Sam!

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