Filly Princess Foil Bag Assortment £1.99 @ Amazon

Filly Princess Foil Bag Assortment £1.99 @ Amazon


These little ponies are too cute for words and are quite brilliant for pocket money purchases or those Christmas stockings that are already waiting to be filled. Can you believe that there is already Christmas pudding and mince pies for sale in stores? Me neither…

The Filly Princess foil bag ponies come in a foil bag and there are 21 different ponies to collect. There are even some rare ponies that have Swarovski crystals in their crowns but I imagine that finding one of these is going to be very costly and unlikely given that each packet brings a surprise.

Each pack comes with a trading card, a collector leaflet, and a Filly Princess. They are ideal for kids over the age of three and you can expand on them by buying them houses, and different types of set. They are very cute, I have to say, and they will be perfect for stocking fillers.

Thanks to mymymy at HUKD!


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