Exploding Kittens Game £5 @ Amazon

Free delivery for Amazon Prime members
Exploding Kittens Game £5 @ Amazon

Looking for a fun family game for game nights or Christmas? Exploding Kittens has dropped to just £5 at Amazon - that's 75% off the recommended price of £19.99! There's also free delivery for Amazon Prime members!

This game is massively popular, and if you've not played it before you have to give it a try. It's a simple card game for adults and kids over 7, and it's easy to learn and play.

If you draw an Exploding Kitten, you lose and you are full of loser sad-sauce. All the other cards in the deck help you avoid or mitigate your risk of drawing an Exploding Kitten. If you don’t explode, you win!

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This game looks like a ton of fun, has been voted Game Of The Year, and at £5 delivered I'm ordering it right now.

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