Endless Curls Barbie £8.33 @ Argos/Amazon

Endless Curls Barbie £8.33 @ Argos/Amazon

barbie endless curls

I want this Barbie! I want it, I want it, I WANT IT! When I was little you could do much with Barbie unless you hacked at her hair with safety scissors or coloured it in with a green felt tip. Nowadays you get cool ones like the Endless Curls Barbie, you can actually curl her hair, for real. Grab one for just £8.33 at Argos or Amazon.

To be honest, Barbie has been slipping in the popularity stakes, then the Endless Curls one was released and kind of caught up with the times. No longer do we want that boring peroxide blonde that does nothing, but now we have doll whose hair can be curled without heat.

For just £8.33, this is a steal. It is ideal for a birthday party gift. This Barbie doll comes with lots of accessories including four no-heat rollers and two no-heat tongs.

Reserve it for FREE or pay £3.95 for home delivery when buying from Argos. If buying from Amazon, then it must be part of an order totalling £20 or more for FREE delivery, or pay £3.30 if you order it on it's own.


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