Endless Curls Barbie £12.49 Delivered @ Amazon

barbie endless curls

What a bargain! Amazon have the Endless Curls Barbie. It's only £12.49 from both retailers but buy it from Amazon and you don't have the hassle of having to trail down to the shops to collect it. Get it delivered for FREE with Amazon's Super Saver delivery!

Endless Curls Barbie is never off the television. Flick over to the children's channels and all you see is her flaunting her ever so fashionable curly hair, during every ad break. I have seen the advertisement so much that I am convinced that I need her for Christmas.

Barbie comes with four rollers, two curling irons, a brush, two barrettes and three hair bobbles. I know what you are thinking....like heck you are letting your five year old daughter loose with heated hair utensils. Don't worry, these don't require heat. I am unsure quite how they curl Barbie's hair but they do, and are completely safe for little ones to use.

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