ELC Wooden Garage £25 @ Mothercare

There’s a rather generous 50% off the ELC Wooden Garage at Mothercare right now.

I’ve seen the ELC Wooden Garage at a couple of the mum and tot groups in our area lately, and must say they’re rather lovely and apart from the fact that they generally cause a bit of fighting between the kids who want a go, it is a toy that pretty much always has attention in the playgroups.

The giant garage has both entry and exit ramps – but explain that to a two year old – and a wind up multi-storey lift. There’s a helipad too, for those VIP visitors and conveniently and completely impractically for anyone who actually has a driver’s  licence, two petrol pumps at the bottom.

The Wooden Garage is politicallyl correct with well signed disabled parking bays, although no parent and child parking seems to be available.

Included in the set are a helicopter, a car and, of course, the petrol pumps, but you can buy a whole range of vehicles and accessories separately.

Thanks to beet0611 at HUKD

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