Evo 2-Wheel In-line Scooter £6.30 @ Tesco

19 June 2014

scooter Tesco had the Evo 2 Wheel In-Line Scooter on sale about a month ago, but then it went out of stock and stayed there for several weeks. It's back in stock now and is on sale again, this time for £6.30 as part of the garden and outdoor event sale that ends on the 25th. You can click and collect for free from Tesco, or home delivery will costs you £3 which is still not cataclysmic. The 3-wheel scooter is unfortunately not reduced at the moment.

You don't need any codes or anything, though if you have Tesco clubcard vouchers you can use those to make this cost less.

The Evo 2-wheel inline scooter has a lightweight steel frame and a rear safety brake. The removable handlebar is handy for storage or transport - like popping the scooter in the car.

There are soft grip handles so little hands shouldn't get too calloused from all the fun.

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