Dream Town Puppy Lane Cottage And Candyfloss The Puppy £35 @ Tesco Direct

dream town

It’s a mouthful but the Dream Town Puppy Lane Cottage playhouse, which comes with Candyfloss, the Puppy, is available at Tesco Direct for half price, making it £35 instead of £70.

The Worlds Apart Puppy Lane cottage and dog play set features a pretty fabric cottage that opens up to provide a versatile play space and ''Candyfloss'' a soft and furry toy dog. The cottage has a split, stable-style door with a working pet flap and Velcro fasteners, mesh windows and its own letterbox.

Candyfloss comes with a collar, tag and lead as well as a kennel, a dog bowl and bone and a grooming brush.  This play set divides into two with the halves fitting inside each other.

Some reviewers thought it was really big, others quite small, so at (H)103, (W)97, (D)93.5cm, I guess it’s relative! The features include a working doors, curtains and mesh windows. Save for plumbing that’s better than some flats I’ve lived in – and a whole lot prettier too!

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  • ambiambih
    (_;)(_;) love it, soooo want 1, gr8 prices

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