Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Wii Controller £8.95 @ The Hut

Oh now this is cool - a Sonic Screwdriver Wii Controller! You can grab one (or two, or as many as you like) for £8.95 at the moment, the usual price is £34.95.

This is a must-have Christmas present for any Dr Who fan who loves playing their Wii (that's three people in my household then) BUT, £8.95 for a Wii controller - sorry, Wiimote - is an absolute bargain in its own right as the normal ones sell for at least £15 at full price.

The Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Wii Controller is compatible with all Nintendo Wii games and it can be connected to the Wii Nunchuck controller and Wii MotionPus attachments.

There's no need to worry about it eating batteries either as the Sonic Screwdriver Wii Controller is powered by a rechargeable battery which is charged via the charge cable, which is supplied - if this is like the rechargeable Wii controller batteries we have, they just plug into the back of the Wii via USB.

Here's what one person had to say about their Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Wii Controller...

"Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver Remote Controller for Wii is a brilliant remote, it doesn't need batteries as it comes with a lead that just charges the remote when you plug it into the Wii. This remote works really well with most games. I highly recommend."

There's no delivery to pay on UK mainland orders with The Hut, so it's just £8.95 to pay if you're only looking at buying one - although, if there's more than one Dr Who fan in your house, buy a single Sonic Screwdriver Wii Controller at your peril!

Thanks to Skybluman at HUKD

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