Dora the Explorer Three Wheeled Scooter And Backpack £13.99 @ Argos

Dora Another of the big brand earners in the kiddy world is Dora the Explorer. She seems to be everywhere! I’m not a fan but those that are seem to want Dora in, and on, everything. This Dora scooter has been marked down from £29.99 to only £13.99 which is a real bargain. 

The scooter has three wheels for extra stability and is smothered in bright and shiny colours. You’ll definitely see this one coming on a dark day... 

The design is robust with non-inflatable tyres (thank heavens) and a tubular steel frame. It looks to be a solid piece of work. The set also includes a bunch of Dora stickers for your kids to decorate and personalise their scooter. Dora2

They also get a free backpack, just like Dora’s, that will store their supplies for when they embark on exciting adventures with their scooter. All in all, the price really is right for this toy. It promotes healthy exercise and has lots of extras so even if you hate Dora it is worth considering. You can always hide the stickers... 

Thanks to whizzkid at HUKD!

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