Disney Toy Story Woody Dress Up £9 @ Mothercare

19 October 2012

Mothercare has reduced the price of the Disney Toy Story Wood dress-up kit from £18 to £9. That’s half price to you and me! It’s an adorable little outfit that would fit very nicely into a Christmas stocking or look good wrapped in Christmas paper.

The Woody outfit includes the hat, holster, trousers, belt, shirt, waistcoat and bandana. I have to admit that just looking at the picture does make me think that the fabrics are poor quality and not worth £18 – you’re paying for the brand here – as they are very shiny. Urgh.

Still, for any tot that loves Woody from Toy Story will adore getting dressed up in this kit, especially with Halloween right around the corner. Can Woody be spooky? Perhaps Zombie Woody?

Thanks to vic999111999 at HUKD!

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