Disney Princess Shoe Set £11.50 @ Tesco Direct

29 January 2011

Disney Princess Shoe Set Tesco Direct has this set of Disney Princess Shoes in their clearance section, reduced from £35 to £11.50. A poster on our sister site HUKD has said they saw it for less than £10 before Christmas. However, right now the cheapest I can find this is for £14.99 plus postage on eBay.

I upped my order to 10 sets, to make sure there was at least more than one available and it worked OK.

This is a really cute set of shoes. They're recommended for ages 3 plus, so suitable for girls and boys really - at that age my son loved putting on dress up shoes! But by the age of 4 you couldn't get him near anything pink or girly. So for £11.50 I think you'd get your money's worth out of them in a year!

You get five pairs of shoes in the set. In the photo they're purple, blue, red, yellow and green. However, colours and styles may vary according to the blurb on the website. Other than that there's very little other information on the site. From the photo it looks like they're probably slip on style shoes with a small heel. But it is hard to tell!

Thanks to shadow1 at HUKD!

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