Disney Princess Belle Tea Party Trolley Now £28.99 (was £59.99) @ Argos

Disney Princess Belle Tea Party Trolley Now £28.99 (was £59.99) @ Argos

My daughter adores anything to do with Beauty and the Beast and has had her eye on the Disney Princess Belle Tea Party Trolley for a while now. However I refused to pay the £59.99 price tag!

Argos have slashed the prices on this adorable tea trolley and are selling it for just £28.99, I'm snapping one up as we speak!

This is such a gorgeous little play set that I cannot wait to play with my daughter! It features all our favourite characters from Beauty and the Beast such as Mrs. Potts and the adorable teacup Chip!

The play set includes a tea party for two and features a top that spins when pushed, sending Mrs. Potts and Chip round and round. It plays the iconic song "Be Our Guest" and has an invitation card for your perfect tea party.

It is also available for Prime members at Amazon* for £28.99 delivered too.

Home delivery is £3.95 or you can Reserve and Collect from your local Argos store for free.


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  • Kayleigh D.

    if Willow got any birthday money? Xx

    • Hayley T.

      This is what we searched high n low for but out of stock everywhere a few weeks ago :weary: xx

      • Kayleigh D.

        I know thats why I mentioned it :blush: she can treat herself if she got any birthday pennies xx

        • Hayley T.

          she has got some kayles, I think we may get her it :relaxed: xx

        • Chloe G.

          shall we get one each? Lol xx

          • Alison M.

            How much are they going for ? Did u listen to the frozen song lmao

            • Faye C.

              did you guys get this at Xmas?

              • Leanne F.

                Yes Emily Anne loves it :grin::thumbsup:x

                • Michelle L.

                  No I never . Got the teapot and chip though

                • Christina C.

                  harlz would love his own one

                  • Shell C.

                    Reckon she will still like it on her birthday lol xx

                    • Christina C.

                      who you on about?

                      • Shell C.


                        • Shell C.


                          • Christina C.

                            I was on about Harley

                            • Shell C.

                              I didn’t read the bit about harles hah

                              • Christina C.

                                To be fair they both like it

                              • Angela P.

                                ? Only got Montrose and Arbroath though xx

                                • Natalie S.

                                  No space for more shit!

                                • Julieanne C.

                                  My daughter has this, loves the damn thing. Beware noisy and annoying :joy:

                                  • Rachel W.

                                    Iris would love this :joy::joy: xx

                                    • Kim V.

                                      I’ve got one in the loft for her :joy::joy: xx

                                      • Rachel W.

                                        :joy::joy: is it the exact one? Xx

                                        • Kim V.

                                          Yep :joy: got it reduced a while ago. Probably give it to her for Christmas now :laughing: nothing like being organised :joy::laughing::laughing: xx

                                          • Rachel W.

                                            Brill, I try to be organised but then I start slowing down to a stop come mid November and then it’s a big panic finishing off and wrapping, say every year I want to be finished by the beginning of December but it never happens, am always still busy wrapping on Christmas Eve :joy::joy: xx

                                            • Kim V.

                                              I just looked and I got it for £29 in November :joy::joy: I honestly have presents for iris up until she’s about 4 :laughing: it’s so easy as it’s all new to us. The boys are more difficult :rolling_eyes: xx

                                              • Rachel W.

                                                :joy::thumbsup_tone1: nothing wrong with planning ahead, think how much money you’ve already saved by keeping your cabbage patch :joy::joy: yea I struggle trying to buy for Bailey but I bet it’s more difficult for you as some of the boys toys are just kept and passed down xx

                                              • Amy W.

                                                - you know felicity will need this in the future

                                                • Sarah R.

                                                  You would have loved this as a wee girl :wink:x

                                                  • Ashleigh W.

                                                    Absolutely! I have a real mrs potts teapot and chip cup now :)

                                                  • Carley P.

                                                    lily would love this! Good price too x

                                                    • Louise G.

                                                      Boring and noisy don't waste your money!

                                                      • Amy L.

                                                        Lmaooo I’m a nightmare for it when adverts come on the TV for toys I’m like omg lily why haven’t you got one of those mammy get you one?? And she’s goes YES :joy::joy::joy:

                                                        • Orla R.

                                                          I want it never mind for Fiadh!