Disney Play Tents £9.99 Each @ Lidl

Disney Play Tents £9.99 Each @ Lidl

I love a good play tent for the kids, and these are a real bargain! Lidl will be selling Disney Play Tents for just £9.99 each, from Thursday 17th May. You'll be able to choose from 3 different Disney designs; Cars, Spider-Man or Frozen.

Each play tent is a pop up design with poles to keep it sturdy, and they can be folder down flat for storage.

The Cars and Spider-Man are more traditional dome tents, whilst the Frozen one is a teepee style tent.

They're perfect for keeping kids entertained either outside in the garden, or indoors as a den on a rainy day.

This is part of the Toys & Stationery* offers that are in Lidl stores from Thursday 17th May, and will be available while stocks last.

(UF) Disney Play Tents £9.99 Each @ Lidl

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  • Emma S.

    the kids would love these for the garden x

  • Nikita W.

    the kids would love these x

  • Darren B.

    :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1: she wud luv it xx

  • Elly S.

    Where will I put that :joy:

  • Nina B.

    In the garden when it's nice it's a good buy :blush:

  • Ceara D.

    Amazing, love that shop :wink:

  • Vicky N.

    Oh god Erica would love this :joy: we’re still hooked on frozen lol x

  • Carla S.

    There’s a cars one too!! Xxx

  • Sarah O.

    Plus she loves her frozen :ok_hand:

  • Lisa S.

    Go straight from school they may have some x

  • Tanith R.

    I have no where to put one of these Lol xxx

  • Marilyn P.

    have to have a look bab xxx

  • Jo B.

    We have a Minnie Mouse and a Sophia one she can have too!! x

  • Gemma A.

    A www the girls would love this!!!! Xx

    • Amanda H.

      I might get one :slight_smile: £9.99 bargain x

  • Dave S.

    She would have gone off frozen by the weekend ha ha , be into someone else by then xxx

  • Natalie A.

    Looks good they would love it

  • Robyn T.

    Ok :heart_eyes: they are cute xxx

  • Michael P.

    Go get one if you got time x

  • Doñña S.

    :joy: I might actually get one as the one we had broke. :thumbsup:x

  • Sarah M.

    He has two already, a cars one and mickey. Thank you anyway xx

  • Rebecca M.

    Oh my god they would loooooove this!!! Xx

  • Rebecca M.

    Lol they can both fit in one and get cosy out in the cold

  • Angela E.

    She's got a seesaw in her garden just now that I got in Aldi :laughing:

  • Sarah C.

    Oh my god she would!! I'm going to see if I can get anyone to pick me one up tomorrow in at work all day xx

  • Emm S.

    I'll not b 2 Mora b weekend now I'll have a look then xx

  • Abby M.

    Why the hell do o need another tent? :joy::joy:

  • Orla R.

    We're away this weekend,..

  • Matthew M.

    Oo shall we get one ?? Zxx

  • Hannah M.

    I think they'd love it xx

  • Matthew M.

    So it’s today they are in?? Xxx

  • Hannah M.

    Yeah new stock is always on a Thursday xxx

  • Matthew M.

    ok do you want me to have a look after work xxx

  • Amanda G.

    Really?? I'll give you a cuddle :joy::joy:

  • Amanda G.

    :joy::joy: hey thats good from me.. i don't do physical contact :joy:

  • Lynsey P.

    :joy::joy: save your self from the physical contact and I'll just send my bank details instead :wink:

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