Disney Pixar Cars Toon Stunt Playset Collectable £6.99 @ Argos

4 January 2011

Disney PIXAR Cars Toon Stunt Playset Collectable I think that my son has an entire toybox filled with nothing but Cars toys. Not to mention all the Lightening MacQeen t-shirts, bedding and other sundries he has! Between this and Toy Story you'd think his bedroom was sponsored by Disney. So it is always good, if you've got a Cars fan in the house (and boys tend to be!) to find something on sale. This Cars Toon Stunt Playset collectable has been reduced to half price by Argos. Down from £14.99 to £6.99.

If you're familiar with the Cars movie but are left scratching your head about what a Cars Toon is, here's a brief run-down. These are a series of short, fantastical tales told by Mater (the goofy tow truck best friend of Lightening MacQueen in the movie) where he does something incredibly daring. Such as firefighting, bull fighting in Spain, jumping the Grand Canyon Evil Kneevil style, or street racing in Tokyo.

This playset works on this premise, setting up a stunt that Mater will complete. It isn't clear from the product description which Car character you get, just that it is one from the Toons. In the picture, the car is Mater. It also contradicts itself, or appears to, by saying the set includes two Cars vehicles or character, then below that, that one is supplied!

The DVD has just one Toon short on it, and there's no way to tell which one, but they're all pretty cool. And at this price it is just a nice extra.

Thanks to Bargeinion at HUKD!

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