Disney Cars Storage Box & Playmat £5.99 @ Studio

Disney Cars Storage Box & Playmat £5.99

If your child loves playing with Play Cars, then this is the ideal Christmas Present for them. Studio are selling the Disney Cars Storage Box and Playmat for just £5.99. It's reduced from £11.99, so this is a steal.

Disney Cars Storage Box has two handles, so it's easy to take to Granny's House, out in the Garden or anywhere else you so desire.

You can fit a fair few Toy Cars in the Storage Box and the beauty is, that once the Cars have been tipped out you can fold this out to make a Playmat.

A practical, yet fun thing for just under £6, to get your child for Christmas.

There's a different version over at The Entertainer*, but it's more expensive at £7.50.

New Customers can enjoy FREE delivery when they use order code 048 at the checkout.

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  • Donna R.

    I see you liking car things a lot x

    • Sharron M.

      Oh wow .... straight in the basket hahah! Yeah she loves her cars xx

  • Charlotte C.

    That’s awesome! Noah would love that :see_no_evil: thankyou:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Kerry B.

    I'm ordering if u want one?

  • Nicola M.

    I will send you the money if you send me your details x x

  • Chelle S.

    Ooooh thanks clo, love that!!!x

  • Daisy C.

    No it's really good thank u xxx

  • Sarah H.

    We got him this for his birthday. Thanks though x

  • Susannah M.

    Hope you got it as cheep as that, otherwise I’m the annoying friend who pointed out you could have had it cheaper lol :joy:

  • James S.

    He'll need 10 of them :see_no_evil:

  • Sarah H.

    We got it half price. Think we paid £1 more x

  • Clara M.

    I saw this the other day and ordered it for him :hugging:xx

  • Victoria I.

    I’ve got him this for his bday xx

  • Tamsyn C.

    Amazing thanks Hun. I’ll grab that now xxx

  • Tamsyn C.

    Amazing thanks Hun. I’ll grab that now xxx

  • Helen C.

    You're welcome, first time I have seen a Cars deal.

  • Laura G.

    Think this is what mum has x

  • Sarah R.

    Thank you just seen it will try and order now xxx

  • Leanne G.

    Thank you will have a look x

  • Emma H.

    We have something like this from elc

  • Holly N.

    He was great! Always a truly lovely boy! :blush::blush: so glad he enjoyed it. It was a fab trip xx

  • Rebecca B.

    Aw that is so lovely to hear :heart_eyes:. Bless him. Thank you :blush:. Xx

  • Hayley R.

    Bet he'd love it! Keep all his cars in it xxxx

  • Jill A.

    I know.... Think someone has got him one xx

  • Gema C.

    Ahh this is perfect for transporting all 913726 cars!! :thumbsup_tone2::thumbsup_tone2: thanks! :santa_tone3:

  • Galina B.

    Oh I love it! What would I do without you?! X x x

  • Lisa J.

    It's good isn't it? James has got a happyland one and one for his cars, surprising how much you can fit in them too x

  • Samantha P.

    Might have to get him one c

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