Dash And Splash Race Slide £6.99 @ Bargain Crazy

Dash And Splash Race Slide £6.99 @ Bargain Crazy

bargain crazy Dash And Splash Race SlideIt's going to be a sunblock summer! That's what the politicians have said. Last time one of them announced a BBQ summer it rained so much we had widespread flooding. Still, for the few days that we actually see sunshine, this Dash and Splash Race Slide from Bargain Crazy could be fun. Especially at this price of £6.99, marked down from £18.

I am a big fan of the running water types of garden play equipment, rather than the sitting still water you get in paddling pools. Mostly because you tend to get all that crud in the paddling pool - mud, sand from the sand pit, floating leaves. It fills up pretty quick.

That said, this does seem a bit wasteful of water! And probably not much fun if we end up with hosepipe bans.

The slide isn't just a water spray, although that would be fun enough. It is also a game. The first to the flag wins in this side by side racing water slide, which is 488cm (16ft) long,

Oops just read that. Sixteen feet! That would be half our 30ft long garden so I'd better check that it will fit. Sill, that's a lot of slide for less than a tenner. Not bad.

It is, according to the manufacturer's blurb, made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl. The water sprayer runs up the middle of the slide and the garden hose attaches to activate spray heads. It includes six stakes to secure the slide to the ground.

The recommended age is from 3 years.

Thanks to laceyjm at HUKD!


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