Make A Crystalite Trinket Box £4.77 @ Amazon

Amazon have reduced the price of the Great Gizmos Make a Crystalite Trinket Box set from £5.99 to £4.77, a 20% reduction. 

While 20% in this case is only £1.22, it doesn't seem huge, but there's something psychological about the difference between 'almost £6' and 'under £5' isn't there?

For well under a fiver, you can have something that makes a good gift for a birthday girl, and that's pretty good! Time was my budget for birthday presents for friend's kids would be around £15 - £30. These days there's almost a birthday a week, sometimes two, and I can't justify that anymore so my top end is nearer £10. You don't get much decent for £10 though, and I have an issue with buying Chinese junk, so sales and discounts are my life savers when it comes to birthday presents!

Buys like this are fabulous, because they make all the difference to how I feel about giving my 'cheap' present.

The kit contains a transparent heart shaped trinket box, five bags of crystal beads, glue and detailed instructions. Basically, however, you glue the sprinkles to create your own crystalite trinket box for your favourite jewellery and trinkets.


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