Crazerasers Series 1 £5 @ The Toy Shop

Crazerasers Series 1 £5 @ The Toy Shop


This is a rather brilliant price for a 48 eraser pack that usually costs £3-£4 per pack. These are the ultimate in collectable erasers apparently and this deal will get you started on quite an impressive collection. Originally this set was selling for £24 but now it is only £5. A total bargain.

The Crazerasers are amazing little pencil rubbers for kids aged six and up. They measure about 3cm tall and come in a huge variety of fantastic shapes so they are ideal for people who like to collect this sort of thing.

This great value set contains all 48 rubbers in the Crazerasers series 1 which is a whopping saving off what you’d pay if you bought these packs individually. They come in 12 separate packs, too, so they are perfect for party bags. In fact, I kind of need stuff for party bags and am going to snap this up right this very minute.

Each of the 12 packs has four erasers in it with funky themes from saws to saucepans.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!


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