Crayola Beginnings Colour Me A Song £11.00 @ Debenhams

Crayola2 Debenhams seem to be on my hot list at the moment but I can’t resist this toy. Why didn’t I see this before Christmas? Don’t you just adore toys that have those little gadgety extras? The Crayola Beginning’s Colour Me A  Song has been marked down from £16.50 to only £11 at Debenhams. 

This toy combines colouring with music as the pressure-sensitive board will respond to your toddler’s scribbling with lovely music. Well, we may not think it’s lovely music but they certainly will. The music’s tempo changes to match the speed at which they draw so you may want to cover your ears from time to time. Crayola

You can even add instrument sounds by selecting certain buttons and there are four original songs included too. It comes with eight crayons and salsa, rock, swing and country music. Put on your dancing shoes Mum because it’s time to swing to scribbling! 

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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