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painting-kit I’m definitely getting into the swing of things here at Crafty HQ with tons of fabulous products either arriving for our reviewers, or being touted by helpful humans. Poundland have just sent me a sizzling mail that lists all of their crafty goodies and, frankly, at a pound a pop everything is a good deal.

Right, so the products that best suit our Crafty Parents month include the Easter puppet Kit, the fab aprons to protect against mess, an Egg painting kit and a pack of 80 pipe cleaners. You laugh, but the latter are the best things in the world for making spiders and monsters.

Another plus is that the Poundland website also has a ton of Easter art and craft guides that you can download and use for free. These guides talk you through how to use the different crafty products they have on their site.

Hey, for only £3 for an Egg painting kit, a pack of pipe cleaners and some aprons, I’m definitely a fan.


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