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4 December 2011

Cozy Plush animals are a range of nine microwavable soft toys. Normally £9.99 this Cozy Plush Cream Sheep is available at for £6.49. On Amazon they're selling for £9.95.

As far as I can tell, these are an alternative to hot water bottles. Sounds like they'd be definitely more snuggable than a hot water bottle. Although they're mainly for children, I reckon I'd love one of these myself! They'd certainly make a great Christmas present.

Lots of great reviews. Many comment that the sheep is bigger than they expected. Here's what one reviewer said "I got this sheep for my sister for Christmas, it's amazing! The beads/beans  are in the stomach, which is big and fat and cuddly. He is extremely cute, extremely cuddly and gets so warm and cozy it's very hard not to steal him and run off."

The sheep is about 30cm high, and probably about 20cm wide. He sits up by himself.

He also smells of lavender, which is really relaxing after a long day.

Thanks to Lucerysmum at HUKD!


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