Cosy Cottage My 1st Kitchen £7.50 @ The Entertainer

Looking for a bit of role play fun? This is a cute wee toy from The Entertainer, the Cosy Cottage My 1st Kitchen. It has been reduced from £20 to £7.50. My friend has bought this as a toy to keep at her house for her grand daughter. It looks fairly small, so she can keep it in a cupboard when the grandies aren't visiting.

Home delivery costs £3.95, but is free if you spend more than £30, so might be best value as part of a larger shop. It is free to click and arrange to collect in store.

The pretty pink roleplay set stands at 60cm tall and has a sink, toaster and opening oven door. It also comes with 14 accessories including:

  • 2 plates
  • 2 cups
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • 2 knives
  • 2 forks
  • 2 spoons
  • Spatular
  • Frying pan

It is a shame this is pink as in my experience, boys tend to love playing with kitchen playsets as much as girls, if not more. At the one o'clock club we used to visit, it was always the boys in the kitchen play area fighting over the saucepans.

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  • Diane78
    What's wrong with boys having pink toys???? My sons favourite car is a bright pink barbie car that my niece gave him! Actually thinking of getting this for him,he is really into cooking,but don't want a huge kitchen that takes up half the lounge.
  • LynleyOram
    Nothing at all. Children don't gender-ise colours, and when they're young in my experience all boys like pink. It is only us who push this on them by making pink for girls and blue for boys. And then it is ok for girl's to have things in blue. It is only with boys that people really push the whole colour thing. When my son was four neither he nor most of his friends would have given a toss about having a pink toy. But the constant derision (it's a girls toy etc) especially from older boys, and those with older siblings, would have stopped me from getting him a toy in pink if it was available in another colour. When he was this age, we went shopping for a new raincoat and he set his heart on a pink one with butterflies on it. Only his dad put his foot down saying that a) he'd quickly get ridiculed by his friends and b) life is tough enough in the school playground without taunts of 'X wears girls clothes'. Sad fact really. None of that was an issue when he was younger than four though, and indeed his love of Peppa Pig meant he had a lot of pinkish coloured toys. Many of which he still has today and still plays with, like the Grandpa Pig train.
  • LuschkaPP
    As mum to a girl I loathe the genderised thing (great word, Lynley!) Especially since I don't like pink as a colour, unless I consciously CHOOSE to buy her other things, her whole room/playroom end up in shades of pink - especially if other people are buying her stuff. Even today we were at a babyshow and out of a whole bunch of balloons, a woman gave her a pink one, cause, you know... she's a girl. GAH! I even bought her boys socks because they had blue, green, red, grey, purple, and yellow, but the girls were shades of pink. (Getting off my soapbox, but I loathe it!)

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