Clangers Microwavable Soft Toy £3.99 @ Play

Clangers Microwavable Soft Toy £3.99 @ Play

I've just bought this Clangers microwavable soft toy for my mum (she loved The Clangers) - it happened before I could do anything about it, at least that's what I'm going to tell her!  I might not tell her that he was only £3.99 at Play, rather than his original £14.99 (use code 1DAY20 to drop the price to £3.99).

You might have to be 'of a certain age' to feel utterly compelled to buy a Clangers microwavable soft toy, if there'd been a Blue String Soup Dragon as well then it's likely he would have ended up in my shopping basket too.

You actually have two choices of colour for your microwavable Clanger - a BLUE one or a RED one, I can't say I remember any of the Clangers wearing red but hey, the world seems happy to go around with a bit of poetic licence.  Unless I'm wrong, of course, and one of the Clangers did wear red - I'm sure someone will be quick to tell me if I am.

There's not much else I can really tell you about this Clangers microwavable soft toy - he's soft, he's a Clanger and you can put him in the microwave to make him warm and perfect for cosy cuddles; awesome.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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  • IronChicken
    Mother and Tiny Clanger wore red - it's blue that's more wrong really. Father and Small Clanger wore gold. Granny wore blue-ish.