Chuggington Die Cast Five-Piece Gift Set with Play Mat £6.99 @ Home Bargains

13 April 2013

If you pop over to Home Bargains, you'll be able to pick up a Chuggington die cast five-piece gift set, complete with play mat, for £6.99 instead of £10.99.

I love this, and my youngest son would have loved this a few years ago - he was a huge Chuggington fan and, all of a sudden, I feel a bit sad that he's not into these younger child characters any more; now it's all about football and Star Wars (not that I mind the Star Wars bit, I LOVE Star Wars!).

Anyway, if you still have a young Chugger who'd love to play with this, then I suggest you pick one up pronto.  There's nothing much more I can tell you about it that isn't obvious from the title - you'll get five die cast Chuggington models to play with on a Chuggington themed play mat!

It doesn't look as though in-store collection is an option this time - which is a little odd - but home delivery with Home Bargains isn't going to be a financial train smash.

Thanks to thomascomer at HUKD


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