Chocolate Poop Maker £5 @ The Entertainer

For those kids that love toilet humour!
Chocolate Poop Maker £5 @ The Entertainer

What is it with kids and their obsession with all things gross. If it's not bogeys it's farts, and if it's not farts it's poop. Here you go... they'll love this in their stockings this Christmas - the Chocolate Poop Maker is down to just £5 at The Entertainer.

Chocolate Poop Maker

Chocolate Poop Maker £5 @ The Entertainer

There's no way I would have paid £15 for this Chocolate Poop Maker, but at just £5 it's a steal. It's the sort of thing the kids will shun those big presents for on Christmas morning.

Grab some chocolate (my fave is Galaxy) and melt it down - use with the Chocolate Poop Maker Kit to recreate poop emojis.

To add to the effect you even get a white toilet and plunger to squeeze the melted chocolate into the moulds.

Suitable for children aged 6 and over.

Ideal stocking filler.


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