Children's Character Wellies £2.25/£2.50 @ Matalan

Children's Character Wellies £2.25/£2.50 @ Matalan


You might be thinking that the nice weather is coming and you don't need wellies anymore. I am sorry to tell you but you do need them because they are now only £2.25 a pair (Angry Birds ones are £2.50).  Where from? Matalan. Seriously though, wellies are needed all year round as walks through the woods or country parks can be muddy.

There are three different designs of wellies available for £2.25/£2.50 to choose from: Peppa Pig, Angry Birds and Thomas the Tank Engine. Sadly all for kids...I would so wear those Peppa ones.

The Peppa Pig ones are pink and glittery and come in sizes 4. 5 and 6. The Thomas the Tank Engine ones are navy blue with red soles and have sizes 10 and 12 left. As for the Angry Birds ones, they are available in 10. 11 and 12.

You could always buy these a size or two bigger than you need and put them by for next winter. Welly socks bulk out the foot so even if they are a bit big it'll be alright.

You can click and collect the wellies of your choice for FREE from your nearest Matalan or pay £3.95 to have them delivered to your front door.


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