Charmander Has Arrived @ Build-A-Bear!

Charmander Has Arrived @ Build-A-Bear!

Calling all Pokemon fans! If you have already stocked up on the Pokemon cuddly toys available at Build-A-Bear then you will be chuffed to know that they have just added a new character to their site!

That's right you can now get your hands on the one and only Charmander!

This is an online exclusive and is selling like hotcakes. The site is running slow at times as there are so many people trying to get their hands on one!

This online only bundle is a must have for any Pokemon fan. It includes a Charmander soft toy with an exclusive outfit and Charmander sounds. He comes with a Lucario Hoodie and a Great Ball Hoodie.

Plus you also receive a Build-A-Bear Workshop exclusive Pokemon TCG Card.

The Charmander bundle is priced at £44 and is excluded from the 25% off promotion.

Home delivery is £3.25.


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  • Catherine T.

    Just this second looking at these £44

    • Kelly S.

      £44! Eevee is £48.50 :joy:

      • Melissa J.

        At the mo online they have 25% off

      • Laura B.

        And yes, when oh when will poppy be back in stock?!

        • Vivienne M.

          Ross wld luv this. Another trip to build a bear for me I think. x

          • Dawn D.

            Omg my boys would love this

            • Melanie A.

              OMG Sam's gonna want one lol

              • Samantha O.

                Just seen the price, think ill pass :joy:

                • Melanie A.

                  Think I'm gonna have to get him one

                  • Alma T.

                    Tried to order it and it's out of stock!! X I'll keep trying x

                    • Sarah T.

                      I know I saw it earlier now the only choice is which one pikichu or charmander haha

                      • Amanda M.

                        Uh oh. Must hide this post so my daughter doesn't see it as I scroll :joy: she already has a BAB shopping list as long as my arm for her birthday :page_with_curl::joy:

                        • Lorna C.

                          We saw pikachu and eevee when we went in!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:xxxxx

                          • Lorna C.

                            they actually look good too!!!:yum:xxxxx

                            • Jade M.

                              I seen Pj's in primark today :joy: x

                              • Emma C.

                                I WANT ONE!!!! May have to use your kids as an excuse haha.

                                • Charley B.

                                  Omg how awesome are they?! Xx

                                  • Louise R.

                                    Soooooooooooo cute, love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: X

                                    • Anna S.

                                      Do they not do just the teddy?!!!

                                      • Melissa J.

                                        This is an online exclusive that comes with everything

                                        • Melissa J.

                                          But u can just get the bear instore

                                        • Vicky F.

                                          Have you seen the price!!! :flushed:

                                          • Sinéad J.

                                            Charmander is the best! Yes!