Charlie & Lola Craft Suitcase Kit £4.50 @ WH Smiths

1 January 2011

Charlie and Lola Craft Set Here's one I've already ordered myself for the present drawer! My first purchase for 2011. It's a fabulous bargain if you can use the collect for free option from a store. WH Smith have reduced this lovely Charlie & Lola Craft Suitcase Kit from £14.99 to £4.50. That's a 70% saving.

There's not much, unfortunately, on the website about what you get in the suitcase. It simply says "this kit contains lots of fun things to make crafty flowers. Contains: Card shapes Scissors Pipe Cleaners Tissue paper Ribbon Glitter glue".

It is aimed at girls, with pictures on the front of Lola and her best friend Lotta. I wouldn't be able to give this to a little boy - they're all at that age where they can be a bit funny about these things.

Which is a shame as it would only take having a Charlie character on the box to make this unisex. Little boys do like making flowers too. Or butterflies as I found out the other day (although they did spend a lot of time getting chased and eaten by the toy dinosaurs, but still!).

I do wish that toy manufacturers wouldn't decide for us quite so much what is a boy's toy and what is for girls. It took the Peppa Pig merchandising folks quite a while to work out that boys love the show just as much as girls. When my son was a toddler all he wanted was a Peppa Pig backpack, but I couldn't find any that weren't all pink (and his dad wouldn't let me buy that!). Now you can get backpacks with Peppa and George that are mostly blue and red instead of pink. I'll get off my soap box now!

Thanks to No Ready Yet at HUKD!

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