Chad Valley ZipBin Dinosaur Toybox Playmat £7.99 @ Argos

25 January 2011


The Chad Valley ZipBin dinosaur toybox playmat is more than just the longest product description ever. It is a toy box, it is a playmat, it has zips, it is gorgeous and the idea is utterly ingenious. Originally retailing for £16.99, the toybox is now selling for £7.99 at Argos.

So, this starts out as a toybox with awesome dinosaur designs and lava filled volcanoes and then you undo the zips to transform it into a dinosaur adventure playmat. You can store your collection of dinosaurs inside, then when you unzip it all they can roam around freely across the Earth.

The dinosaurs can explore the erupting volcano or the dangerous tar pit, hide from bigger dinosaurs in the gloomy cave, or swim down the raging river. This is a seriously cool toy for dinosaur fans and I want one!

The toybox is easily zipped up to put toys away, comes with a handle and a lid, and is ideal for tots over the age of three. You’ll have to buy the dinosaurs separately I’m afraid, and they aren’t on offer. Booo.

Thanks to spongemagic at HUKD

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