Chad Valley Vacuum Cleaner £7.99 @ Argos

11 July 2010

vacuum Reduced from £14.99 down to £7.99 this Chad Valley Vacuum Cleaner makes for a nice inexpensive pressie.

This isn't normally the sort of thing I'd buy but when I saw the total look of JOY on my youngest son's face when he played with the one his cousin had, well I had to reconsider!

I'm not very good with household items being turned replicated as toys, especially when gender stereotypes can quickly come in to play - girls get kitchen sets and vaccuum cleaners, boys get tool kits and DIY benches! *growl*

However, maybe I'm missing a trick!

The Teenagers didn't have any of these things to play with and it's agony watching them be domestic with proper full-size vacuum cleaners and if you watched my eldest son (almost 16) ironing his shirts on a Sunday evening, you'd want to gouge your eyes out (this ironing of shirts is done under serious duress, by the way, it's certainly not done voluntarily!).

On the other hand, my youngest (just turned four) thinks nothing of helping push the 'grown-up' vacuum cleaner around and tidying up - go figure!

This Chad Valley Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for kiddies aged three and over, it measures 63.5cms in height and it has a 'fun bouncing bead motion' in the cylinder - this is the very thing that made my youngest so happy when he pushed it around!

Collect in store for free or take out a small mortgage to pay the £5.95 home delivery charge.

Thanks to 1616french over at HUKD!

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