Chad Valley Pretend Play Vacuum Cleaner £4.99 @ Argos

chad valley vacuum cleaner

What can you get for £4.99 these days? The Chad Valley Pretend Play Vacuum Cleaner from Argos, that's what. This was previously £9.99 then down to £5.99 before becoming the super bargain price of £4.99.

The Chad Valley Pretend Play Vacuum Cleaner is in a modern cylinder style. It contains bouncing beads that whirl around the inside to simulate dust. You will find that your little one will pull this toy out every time you are vacuuming. Role play toys are always popular with wee ones.

What's better than being just like mummy and daddy? With toys like this children can mimic our cleaning habits, and we can only hope that if we instil this from an early age that they will become domestic Gods/Goddesses once they are older.

I bought my son Ben a pretend vacuum cleaner when he was two, because he was petrified of my Hoover. What a difference it made. As soon as he heard me vacuuming, all you would hear was a clatter as he came to me with it, and then he would run it back and forth furiously. He loved it and is still keen to help me when it needs doing.

The Chad Valley Pretend Play Vacuum Cleaner is in most of the Argos stores that I checked across the UK. It can either be collected from your local Argos store for free or you can have it delivered for £3.95.

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