Chad Valley Princess Dressing Table Now £7.99 @ Argos

Chad Valley Princess Dressing Table

Oh my, this is adorable! If you are already on the look out for Christmas presents then this Chad Valley Princess Dressing Table is one to grab and keep by.

It is currently down to just £7.99 instead of £24.99 over at Argos and stock is selling fast!

This gorgeous little dressing table is certainly fit for a princess! It would look lovely in a bedroom or play room and will provide lots of role play opportunities. My daughter loves playing hairdressers, this would be perfect for our hairdressing games!

Not only do you get the pretty pink table with a built in mirror and matching seat, you also get plenty of accessories to go with it. The accessories include a hair dryer, a brush, a comb, hair clips and lots of fun stickers to customise and decorate the dressing table with.

This really is a fantastic price and stock seems to be available at most stores but it is selling fast, so hurry if you want to order.

You can Reserve and Collect your Dressing Table for FREE to your local Argos store, stock dependent or have it delivered to your front door for £3.95.

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  • Claire J.

    where do you get this ,

  • Elisha S.

    would ruby like this? :two_hearts:

    • Jasmine F.

      She already has one :) x

    • Elisha S.

      Ah I've never seen it lol ok :) sent mark a bag over for you, it's just some breast pads, the other nursing bra & some maternity pants for once you've had Freddie junior! What you going to call it if it is a boy, you've never said pm me xxx

  • Jemma H.

    please show this to Leanne, she is un taggable.

    • Leanne C.

      I guess they have all sold out as won't let me reserve it :( xx

    • Jemma H.

      It just let me on xx

    • Leanne C.

      I just said out of stock as I tried to reserve it xx

    • Jemma H.

      Aa I didn't get that far. That's a shame xx

    • Leanne C.

      I think j may of just managed it, I'll see tomorrow xx

    • Leanne C.

      Thanks Huni xxx

    • Jemma H.

      I don't know why it wouldn't let me tag you. :hushed: xx

    • Leanne C.

      No idea xx

  • Hayley W.

    would Ameila like this??xx

  • Chonny S.


  • Sara H.

    Christmas present idea!!!

  • Sara H.

    Christmas present idea!

  • Joanna W.

    Aurelia present idea??

  • Jodie P.

    Oh my god thank you Anna Evie always pretends to do Mine n chrises hair just ordered it first Christmas present ordered haha thank you :) X

  • Amy L.

    buy and keep back for Rose? Or for someone's Xmas? XxX

  • Angela M.

    Out of stock, shock horror with Argos!!!

  • Tracey B.

    Jessica would love this!!

  • Anna B.

    Aww bless her! This is perfect then lol, had to share it thought it was such a bargain :blush: hope she has a lovely birthday :two_hearts: xx

  • Elizabeth K.

    Aw thats fab.. Just checked n its out of stock :cry: xxxxxxxxxx

  • Lynsey M.

    Aww she wud love this lol x

  • Roz P.

    Yes she would babe does it have lights can't see properly. Xx

    • Elisha S.

      No no lights but for £8 it's not bad :relaxed:

    • Roz P.

      It's good for £8 but I know she wants with lights babe. Xx.

    • Elisha S.

      Ok I'll keep an eye out xx

  • Sarah H.

    any good for any1? Xx

  • Gemma H.

    what about this for pops for her birthday??? X

    • Jessica R.

      On it! Bought it! Got it lol xx

    • Jessica R.

      Drum kit wasn't a bad price either ;) xx

    • Gemma H.

      P**s off don't you dare, that would be left at your house lol x

    • Jessica R.

      Lol it's on it's way to urs I paid delivery to u ;) xx

  • Jodie P.

    It really is thank you for sharing, she gets my hair dryer and pretends to dry it makes us make a noise like a hair dryer haha X thank you I just can't believe she's 2 Thursday :( X

  • Laura H.

    was this what u were on about? c

    • Olivia H.

      No it was different think it was vtec x

  • Kayleigh S.

    Oh thank u x

  • Lauren S.

    Awk that's pants xxxxxxxxx

  • Elizabeth K.

    Typical my luck lol xxxxxxxxx

  • Anna B.

    I can't either, It flies by doesn't it! Xx

  • Jodie P.

    Yeah goes too fast once have kiddies lol hope you and thea okay X

  • Katie E.

    I can see Dylan sat at one of these

    • Craig E.

      Oh please don't!

    • Katie E.

      I didn't say I was buying it I just said I could imagine it

  • Anna B.

    We are fine thanks, I'm bk at work in 2 weeks and Thea starts nursery the end of August so I'm just trying to make the most of our last bit together :see_no_evil: xx

  • Jodie P.

    Oh my god now that has flown by, awww starts nursery I cried Evie's first day haha X

  • Cathy L.

    Wow i can't wait to go Christmas shopping now xx

  • Samantha L.

    If she wasn't with us tomorrow I'd pick her one up.. 7.99 well cheap xx

  • Kerri M.

    and just in case it interested u for the girls at xmas

    • Samantha K.

      Oh thanks this is great xxxx

    • Kerri M.

      Really good price to

    • Kerri M.

      Never mind went to go get one and it now out of stock. Sorry

  • Anna B.

    Il prob cry more on my first day then on Theas lol!! :joy: xx

  • Claire D.

    a think i no a pair of princesses for this xx

  • Jodie P.

    Is it so hard made me think how parents feel leaving them with us n we strangers X

  • Cathy L.

    I have just checked and they have sold out of them xx

  • Anna B.

    We are really lucky that they get to come with us, I'm not worried about her at all, but like you said if I didn't know anyone it would be a completely different story! Must be really hard xx

  • Samantha L.

    Ahh never mind.. can just imagine her sat putting her sparkly lip gloss on that she keeps asking for :joy::joy:xx

  • Tina H.

    Does she want one ???

    • Nicola H.

      I can't find it in Argos?

    • Tina H.

      ordered and will collect tomorrow just call me supernan xx

  • Kelly C.

    We have this and it's cheap & flimsy so be warned.

  • Tasha B.

    Sophia would like this x

    • Janice W.

      This is so cute. She would love it & its So cheap. Cheers Tash x

  • Gillian R.

    is this a granny's bargain?

  • Claire D.

    Evie would love this xxx (birthday or Christmas)

  • Catherine K.

    reduced from £24.99 xx

    • Lisa N.

      Fab price. I'll get if no one wants for bday or Christmas x

  • Michaela E.

    How cute!!!

  • Chloe S.

    How do y order these

  • Vickey S.

    Didn't even think of u there x

  • Zoe A.

    bet frankie would like this? X

  • Cara M.

    You beauty! Bought!

  • Cara M.

    Literally out of stock across the country

  • Kat G.

    I know who would like this !!

  • Paula C.

    Happy days! :relaxed:

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