Chad Valley Motorised Track £7.49 @ Argos

Chad Valley Motorised Track £7.49 @ Argos

chadValleyMotorisedTrackArgos currently have a nice deal on this Chad Valley Motorised Track, having been reduced by half from £14.99 down to £7.49.

My cousin, Stuart, used to have something similar to this many moons ago; I loved going round to my Aunty and Uncle's house on a Saturday so I could play with it.

This Chad Valley Motorised Track is so nicely priced at the moment that it almost falls into the stocking filler realm!

It's suitable for little speed demons aged three years and over and comes with three diecast cars.

There are two 'motorised slaunch pads' for you and your opponent to launch your car from. They then ZOOM off around the track around the corners and upside down through the loops - the thing is, at some point the tracks cross!

WHO will get there first? Will there be a huge CRASH?!

Ahhh it was that sort of mild peril and  the anticpation that meant my cousin's yesteryear version of this never got boring.

This Chad Valley Motorised Track is currently available for home delivery - which will set you back an enormous £5.95 *mutter mutter - or you can collect one from your local Argos, subject to their stock availability.

Thanks to Haylhoo over at HUKD


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