Chad Valley Microwave £7.49 @ Argos

Chad Valley Microwave £7.49 @ Argos

microwaveCooking with mum is fun, fun, fun but the mess, well, it aint so lovely. So instead of spending several hours trying to get the raisins out from behind the fridge, why not get them a toy microwave from Chad Valley instead. That way you can spend hours trying to find a missing piece of plastic instead... The Chad Valley Microwave that has realistic lights and sound, as well as play food, for £7.49 at Argos. 

This toy microwave has a rotating plate, one touch cooking buttons, realistic lights and sounds, and will make your child feel as if they are really cooking. Play food is included so they won't be cooking thin air, which is always nice. It does require three AA batteries. 

So let your child be the chef, or play pretend restaurant, and maybe they will aspire to help you out in the kitchen when they're older, so it's a win-win deal! 

Thanks to aishaukhan.


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