Chad Valley Mega Dough Table £11.99 (was £29.99) @ Argos

Chad Valley Mega Dough Table £11.99 (was £29.99) @ Argos

If your kids love Play-Doh then this is a brilliant bargain to keep the occupied over the holidays. The Chad Valley Mega Dough Table is less than half price at Argos, down from £29.99 to just £11.99. It's got six pots of dough and tons of accessories included too.

The Play-Doh version* of this table is selling for £39.99 and it's nearly identical, so I think this Chad Valley copy is amazing value for money.

As well as the play table itself you get six tubs of dough, which store handily in the legs of the table. You also get loads of fun accessories including a waffle machine, forks, knives and a load of cups and cutting moulds as well as those crazy characters that you can make play dough hair for!

There's plenty of stock around at the moment, with every store having them in all areas I checked! That can change very quickly at Argos though, so make sure you reserve your stock before you set off to collect.

Reserve and Collect is free at Argos, or home delivery costs £3.95.


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  • Abbie K.

    Wow thats good! Xx

    • Catherine M.

      how cool is this xx

      • Ian M.

        Don't let know lol xx xx xx xx xx

      • Sarah W.

        hell no no more play dough in this house ha ha x

        • Kirsty N.

          Delivery is free :grinning: great find !!

          • Eileen L.

            My daughter got one of these last Christmas the hairdressing chair didn't do what it was meant to and broke easily

            • Lynn V.

              Thanks . He'll love this. X

              • Hannah K.

                I can't see any reviews

                • Michelle M.

                  Looks good! Thanks xx

                  • Michelle B.

                    Love it x

                    • Ciara C.

                      hmmm I'm sure we could make space somewhere lol

                      • Noreen M.

                        Cheers x

                        • Siobhan P.

                          That's pretty cool z

                          • Alexandra K.

                            just reserved one to put away from Crimbo!

                            • Angela W.

                              That's well good! Xx