Chad Valley Light and Sound Rocket £7.99 @ Argos

Yorocket Little boys and some little girls will adore this faboosh toy from Argos. It has so many different functions and extras  that it was well worth the original price of £19.99 but now it’s down to a mere £7.99. 

The rocket has realistic engine and rocket sounds so kids can zoom around their rooms, and inside their imaginations, with glee.  You even get a little astronaut that can sit inside the rocket while you play, as well as his dog, Jack. Yes, dogs can go into space too, you know! 

The set also includes a space buggy for the astronaut and his dog to explore the alien terrain and a satellite that they can launch when they reach their destination. Now, finally, NASA can contact people on Mars. YoMars

The set doesn’t include the required AA batteries for operation so you’ll need to nab yourself two of those. It’s aimed at ages 18 months and over and I think it will offer kids of many ages plenty of entertaining fun. Definitely a good one for birthday presents or for the new baby to “give” to their brother or sister. 

Thanks to uglybeautyqueen at HUKD! 

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