Chad Valley Interactive Unicorn Hobby Horse £2.99 (was £9.99) @ Argos

Chad Valley Interactive Unicorn Hobby Horse £2.99 (was £9.99) @ Argos

EDIT: Price dropped to £2.99!

It seems like we can't move for unicorns these days, those magical creatures are popping up all over the place, and this is a great little bargain if your children can't get enough of them. Argos have reduced the Chad Valley Interactive Unicorn Hobby Horse again so that it's just £3.99, down from an original price of £9.99. It's available from the Argos store on eBay and the main stores at the same price.

This is a pretty pink hobby horse for your little one to gallop around on, and it has a super soft mane and a metallic shiny horn. Squeeze her ear and she makes galloping and neighing sounds to make it even more fun.

It says it's for children aged three and over, and that will be because of the small parts, though good luck keeping this one away from the younger kids! My youngest saw a hobby horse in a shop over the weekend and we had a major battle getting him to leave it behind that day (there was no way I was juggling that with my shopping and two kids on the bus!).

You can click and collect your Unicorn Hobby Horse for free from Argos stores, or home delivery costs an extra £3.95.


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  • Claire M.

    Thank you -we've managed to stock up on these & have 8 for the party! Gonna be sick of unicorns after this :joy::unicorn::unicorn:

    • Lisa M.

      Omg the girls would love this

      • Zandy R.

        What is this miracle?!?

        • Louise S.

          OMG love it!!! Hehe xxx

          • Emilia C.

            ha ha ha you could use it to catch pokemon! :joy::joy::joy:

            • Tammy P.

              OMG NEED!!

              • Emilia C.

                Could you imagine the looks you'd get :joy::joy::joy::joy:

              • Lauren M.

                What is this unicorn craze? X

                • Natalie H.

                  I can see riding to work on this , what do you think? X

                  • Nina N.

                    Hahaha defo!!! Xx

                    • Jacki B.

                      Love it!! Xxx

                    • Ellie M.

                      bargain it's in stock at Northwich Argos xxx

                      • Gemma A.

                        Howay it's only £2.99!!!!

                        • Laura B.

                          Yes please

                          • Susie S.

                            Got one already. :unicorn: xx

                            • Janine H.

                              Out of stock everywhere already :(

                              • Kim P.

                                even better price!!:heart_eyes: